HTC Tipped to Build a Pair of Nexus Devices This Year


HTC isn’t a complete stranger when it comes to the Nexus project from Google, having released the original Nexus One and launching the Nexus 9 tablet, but the wait for a new smartphone has been a long one.

That could be changing this year, though. According to a couple of different sources, it looks like the company that just recently launched the HTC 10 is working on a pair of new devices that could be part of the Nexus program later this year.

The first bit of information arose from Evan Blass (@evleaks), the serial leaker that has released plenty of on-point pieces of information and images over the years. Earlier today he sent out a tweet that said HTC is currently building two devices running Android N, which are dubbed N1 and S1. He then throws in a “#nexus” hashtag for good measure:

Add to that, a new report from Android Police may have revealed the codenames for the new devices: Marlin and Sailfish. HTC typically uses seafaring animals for codenames for upcoming devices, so these two new additions are right in line with what has come before. The report from AP isn’t saying where the information regarding the codenames was acquired, but does point to an entry found within the AOSP code review tool Gerrit. In it, there was an entry from a Qualcomm employee that reads, “Can you please review this change so we can bring this in for Marlin?”

Just what these devices are remains a mystery. It’s possible that HTC is rebranding and slightly tweaking the HTC 10 for the Nexus program, which wouldn’t be completely unheard of. It’s also possible this is an entirely new device, and it’s also possible HTC’s building another Nexus tablet, too.

What do you think HTC is up to?

[via @evleaks; Android Police]