HTC 10 Now Available to Pre-Order from Verizon; Arrives at Sprint on May 13


We’ve known that Verizon Wireless had plans to launch pre-orders for the HTC 10 for a while now, but Sprint is also opening up about its launch plans as well.

As was expected, Verizon has announced that beginning on April 29, pre-orders for the HTC 10 are now available for those who want to leap on HTC’s newest flagship. Verizon says that pre-orders will begin to be fulfilled by May 5. As far as pricing is concerned, Verizon subscribers can expect to pay $0 down and then $22.83 for 24 months after that. The HTC 10 retails for $648, if you’d prefer to go that route.

And for Verizon customers that have been annoyed by Verizon’s branding of devices in the past, it doesn’t look like that’ll be an issue this time around, thanks to a small logo on the back of the handset only:

Verizon HTC 10

In addition to Verizon’s news, Sprint has also confirmed a launch date for the HTC 10: May 13. The Now Network says the flagship will be available both in its retail stores and online on that date, and that Sprint subscribers will pay $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $26 to make it theirs.

T-Mobile is still a holdout when it comes to HTC 10 announcements, but we at least do know that the Magenta Un-carrier does plan on carrying the handset. Unfortunately for AT&T subscribers, the Big Blue network doesn’t have any plans on carrying the flagship. (Luckily for them, the unlocked HTC 10 supports AT&T’s LTE network.)

Do you plan on picking up an HTC 10?

[via Verizon; Sprint]