Google Calendar for Android Gains ‘Find a Time’ Feature to Make Scheduling Meetings Easier

image google Calendar2

Regularly use Google Calendar to schedule a meeting in your organisation? Well, Google is about to make that process a hell lot easier for you with its new “Find a time” option.

Starting from today, Google Apps for Work or Edu users will find a new “Find a time” option in Google Calendar for Android that will automatically analyse the calendar of all the parties in a meeting and suggest the best time. The feature will consider their availability, the time zone difference and the time when that person is usually busy. In case Calendar is unable to find a time that suits everyone, it will look at the conflicted meetings that can be easily rescheduled.


“Find a time” makes suggestions, but you’re still in control. You can tap to see everyone’s schedule at a glance—perfect for making sure the timing works for all. And if you manage someone else’s calendar, you can use the feature to schedule meetings on their behalf as well.

The feature is aimed squarely at organisations and will be of little use to regular Google Calendar users. Whatever the case might be though, “Find a time” is definitely a very tempting addition to Google Calendar’s arsenal.

An update for the Google Calendar app for Android is rolling out to enable this feature. Google also promises that it is working on bringing this feature to iPhone.

[Via Google Blog]