Facebook Adding Video Tab to Its App as It Gets Serious about Live Streaming


Taking on Twitter’s Periscope and YouTube’s live streaming service, Facebook today announced an update for its app with focus on videos — both live and recorded. Replacing the Messenger tab, the new Video tab in the Facebook app will now allow you to quickly access (live) videos from your friends and pages that you follow.

In addition, the company is also enhancing its live video tools. Starting from today, it will be possible for broadcasters to stream their videos live in Facebook groups and events. This means that you can live stream a particular event to your group of close friends, or maybe live stream your whole wedding for all the people who RSVP’d but could not make it for some reason.

“We really believe that the future is going to be more immersive, and video is a big part of that,” said Fidji Simo, product management director at Facebook.

It will now also be possible to replay comments that were made during the live stream, with viewers now having the option to share their reactions to a broadcast as well. And if for some reason you want to add a filter to your broadcast, you will be able to do so as well.

There are tons of other features and tools that Facebook is making live for broadcasters and viewers today that makes watching live videos, or even videos, on Facebook an overall better experience. This includes inviting your friends to watch a live stream, a live map showing live streams from across the world, and more.

Facebook will be rolling out these features to its iOS and Android app over the coming weeks. The social networking giant has also signed deals with certain publishers to get them to live stream content on Facebook, instead of using their own medium, which really shows how serious the company is about video.

[Source Facebook | Via The Verge]