AT&T Won’t Be Carrying the HTC 10 in the United States


In its press release, HTC mentioned that its latest flagship — the HTC 10 — will be available on major carriers in the United States soon. This includes Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, but surprisingly, the Taiwanese smartphone maker had omitted AT&T from its list. As it turns out, that was not a mistake.

HTC has confirmed to Techno Buffalo that AT&T will not be carrying the HTC 10 in the United States. Instead, the OEM says that interested buyers of the handset on AT&T network in the US should consider purchasing the unlocked variant of the handset directly from the company’s website. This does mean that you will have to pay $699 outright to purchase the handset, but you will get quicker updates and the option to unlock the bootloader of your handset.

“AT&T won’t be selling HTC 10 directly, so we encourage AT&T customers to purchase the open channel device directly from,” HTC said in a statement provided to TechnoBuffalo.

HTC is also offering a 12-month interest free financing option, so you can use that as well if you really want the HTC 10. Even better, the HTC 10 is already available for pre-order through in the United States so you can get your hands on the handset likely before it launches on other carriers in the country.

T-Mobile has already confirmed that it will be carrying the HTC 10 from May, while Sprint has also confirmed that it intends to carry the handset on its network. Verizon is yet to make any official announcement, but HTC’s press release did mention the 10 will be launching on the Big Red’s network.

HTC did not launch the One M7 initially on Verizon in 2013 that ended up hurting the sales of the handset. The lack of the 10’s presence on AT&T, the second largest carrier in the United States, is definitely going to hurt the sales of the handset this time around as well. What do you think?