2016 Moto X Has Been Allegedly Spotted in the Wild

Moto X 2016 leak

With both Samsung and LG flagship phones launched this year, all eyes are on HTC and Motorola. While the HTC 10 is slated for an April 12th reveal, there has been little to go by for the Moto X. That is until now. A new leak from hellomotoHKknown for its reliable leaks in the past, has given us the presumable first look at the device.

Unlike other OEM’s, Motorola tends to release its devices later in the year. This year too, the device spotted in the wild bears the familiar Motorola logo in the front, synonymous with leaked images of previous pre-production units. Presumably, the button on the front of the phone points towards the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner; Which could mean that the front spacing speakers we have come to love might be missing. However the image is grainy and it is hard to make out if the stereo speakers have been truly ditched.

Although it is an open debate on whether front or rear fingerprint scanners are better, for now this is only speculation about the phone. Once the HTC 10 launches and everyone awaits the Moto X, we should have more such leaked images to rely on to give us a better idea. Lets hope they aren’t as grainy, after-all, smartphone cameras have greatly improved in the last year.

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