Motorola offering up to $100 off the Moto X Pure Edition for a limited time

Moto X Pure Edition engaget review

The Moto X Pure Edition was launched last year, and if Motorola follows its yearly refresh routine, then it’s not too far off from being replaced by something new in a few months.

Leading up to that day, though, Motorola is putting some of the spotlight back on its current flagship by offering up a noteworthy discount on the handset, for both the 16GB and 32GB variants. Specifically, you can pick up a 16GB Moto X Pure Edition for $100 off, which prices it at only $299.99, and the 32GB Pure Edition for $50 off, which prices it at $399.99.

The deal is only available for a limited time, running until Thursday, March 17.

The discount is present even if you want to customize your handset with different colors, and the Moto X Pure Edition is unlocked, so you can use it between the major wireless carriers in the United States without an issue — including Verizon Wireless.

Do you plan on taking advantage of the deal?

[via Motorola]