The best Android apps for ICC T20 World Cup 2016

t20 world cup android apps

The 6th edition of ICC T20 World Cup is upon us. And this edition is hosted in India. If you’re not the kind of person who finds themselves in front of a TV screen every time the game is on (and let’s face it, the hours can be pretty weird depending on your time zone), you’re going to need Android apps to keep yourself updated. Lucky for you, we’ve got the best of the bunch right here.

#1. ICC WT20 Cricket

This is ICC’s official app for Android. It will give you everything you need to know about the series (without actually watching the match). You can choose the team you want to follow, get ball-by-ball score updates as well as commentary.

icc official android app

Once the match is done you’ll get lots of highlight videos and as always, lots and lots of statistics. Basically, if you’re to argue about something with your friends (and let’s face it, after the 2nd round, that’s bound to happen), this is the app you’ll need to throw the right stats at their face.

Of course, the app doesn’t have the one thing you might want the most – live streaming.

Download: ICC WT20 Cricket

#2. Hotstar

Hotstar, if you’re in India is kind of a miraculous app. Especially when it comes to streaming matches. I’ve seen people streaming the match (in pixelated quality, but smoothly) even on a 2G connection!

hotstar android app

Doesn’t matter how bad your connection gets, Hotstar won’t leave your side. It also has highlights and other videos but that’s basically it.

Download: Hotstar

#3. Star Sports Live Cricket Score

The Star Sports app has a weird name. It supports not only Cricket but also Football, Kabaddi, Tennis, Formula1, Badminton and Hockey. Basically, if you like sports, you should have this app.

star sports android app

The best thing about the app is not only the breadth of the sports it supports, but also the countries it will live stream the match to. You can go to the app’s FAQ section to view a complete list but here’s just some highlights for the couple dozen countries that are supported: Romania, Albania, and even the Vatican City.

Other than live streaming, the app will show you upcoming matches, show a countdown, send you alters and, of course, show live score updates.

Download: Star Sports Live Cricket Score

#4. BCCI

bcci android app

The BCCI is an Indian affair. A simple and good one at that. The minimal app will let you live stream the game, without showing any adverts. You’ll also get live updates.

Download: BCCI

#5. Cricbuzz

cricbuzz android app

If you’re a cricket fan you might already have the Cricbuzz app installed. In that case, you don’t really need to do much. When you open the app, Cricbuzz will automatically set the T20 world cup as the default in the app’s homescreen. You’ll see the day’s matches and the upcoming matches right there on the homescreen. You can tap a match to get a more detailed look.

Download: Cricbuzz

Google It

google search t20 android

Of course, Google Now will show you cards for relevant matches from your country but if you want play-by-play updates without installing any app, all you need to do is google “t20 world cup”. You’ll see match details, live score and news, right in your phone’s browser.

For Fun: Real Cricket 16

When you’re not obsessing over the players on the screen, you can obsess over your own virtual cricket gameplay. And Real Cricket 16 is the most “real” way to do it. You can control and manage teams, reply matches from the day past, and even control small level stuff like specific batting and bowling. Fun.

Download: Real Cricket 16

How are you following ICC T20 World Cup 2016? Let us know your favorite Android app for the T20 World Cup.