You can now unlock Verizon’s Moto X (2014) bootloader; paves the way for Marshmallow based custom ROMs


Last year when Motorola announced that it won’t be updating the AT&T and Verizon variants of the 2nd gen. Moto X to Marshmallow, it managed to anger quite a lot of its existing customers. It is one thing to roll out an Android OS update a few months after its release, but not rolling it out at all is definitely unfair to Moto X users.

Now, to ease their pain, it looks like Motorola has silently updated its bootloader unlocking tool to make it possible to unlock the bootloader of the Verizon variant of the Moto X. When the Moto X was launched in 2014, only the ‘Pure’ edition of the handset was supported by Motorola’s bootloader unlock tool.

With the bootloader unlocked, many developers over at XDA forums are working on bringing Marshmallow to the handset. While some developers are trying to essentially convert the Verizon variant of Moto X into a ‘Pure’ edition, others are trying to get CM13 and other ROMs working stably on the handset. It is unlikely that the former method will work though, since Verizon’s Moto X is a CDMA handset while the ‘Pure’ edition Moto X is a GSM handset.

Nonetheless, thanks to its bootloader being unlockable now, it should only be a matter of time before Verizon’s Moto X gets Marshmallow in the form of a custom ROM.

[Source XDA | Via Droid-Life]