Motorola brings Android 6.0 Marshmallow to Moto G Turbo Edition in India

Moto G Turbo Edition

Motorola has rolled out its latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the Moto G Turbo Edition in India, just a month after it went on sale. The update weighs in at just over 450MB, and it brings a whole host of new features and welcome improvements.

India is lucky enough to be the first market getting Marshmallow for the Moto G Turbo Edition, which is just like the original Moto G but with faster internals, and quick charging technology. Despite being smaller than most Marshmallow updates, this one brings everything you’ve been looking forward to.

That includes Doze, Android’s new battery saving feature; the overhauled app permissions system, and Google Now on Tap. Users should also find that their handset is snappier and more stable overall.

If you own a Moto G Turbo Edition and you live in India, keep your eyes peeled for an update notification if you haven’t already had one. You can also search for the Marshmallow update manually from within the software update section in the Settings app.

There’s no word on when Marshmallow will reach the Moto G Turbo Edition in Mexico just yet.