Instagram on Android gains 3D Touch like functionality

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Android devices don’t feature 3D Touch as seen on the new iPhones, but they have had something that is similar to 3D Touch right from their inception: long press. Taking advantage of it, Instagram has introduced a new 3D Touch related feature as seen on the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to its Android client.

On the new iPhones, you can ‘3D Touch’ on photos in your search result that will make them quickly pop up. From there, you can then like the image, view the profile of the poster or share it with your friends.

The same functionality is now available for Instagram on Android with v7.13 of the app. The next time you see an image thumbnail, simply long press on it. This will lead to the image ‘popping out’ and you can then proceed to either like it, view the profile of the poster or share it.

Keep in mind that just like on the new iPhones with 3D Touch, you cannot lift your finger from the screen at any point of time. As soon as you lift your finger, the image will pop back in to your timeline.

The update is not yet live on Google Play, but you can manually sideload the APK by downloading it from here.

[Via Android Police]