Huawei to launch its Honor brand in the U.S.; set to make an announcement at CES 2016


Talking to journalists from various parts of the world, Huawei’s president George Zhou revelaed that the company plans on bringing its Honor brand to the United States in the near future. The announcement comes at the second anniversarry of the Honor brand. 

The company will be launching some of its current international models in the U.S. market at debut, and will then work on developing devices tailored to meet the demand of the consumers in that region of the world.

Huawei has been selling smartphones under its ‘Honor’ brand in India and other fast growing smartphone markets of the world since the last couple of years. These smartphones have played a key role in its phenomenal growth over the last 2 years. Smartphones sold under the Honor brand are designed to cater to demands of consumers of a specific region and offer a terrific value for money.

Huawei already sells smartphones directly in the United States, but by bringing its popular Honor brand, it should be better able to penetrate the smartphone market in the country.

Huawei has also sent out press invites for an event in CES indicating that it will be officially announcing the launch of the Honor brand in the U.S. at CES 2016.

[Via Android Central]