Google Play Music’s $14.99 Family Plan for six people is now rolling out

Google Play Music Family Plan

At the end of September, Google officially announced that its streaming music service, Play Music, would be getting a family plan.

Back then, there wasn’t a hard launch date penned into the calendar, but for those that have been waiting to see the new feature roll out for their own families, the wait is finally (almost) over. Google has announced that it is is launching the family plan beginning today. That means families with up to six listeners can subscribe to the new Play Music plan for $14.99 per month, and gain all the features tied to an individual account for each of their needs.

That means each individual as part of the family plan will have their own playlists, their own recommendations based on listening habits, and more. The service works across the web, Android, and iOS. However, signups will be going live in the coming days, through an Android device, and will only be available for subscribers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Canada, and Germany. More countries will gain support at some point down the road.

One big bonus for Play Music subscribers is access to YouTube Red, which provides ad-free YouTube watching across all the videos uploaded to the service. While other services, like Apple Music, offer access to music videos, the library available to YouTube is much broader across markets and genres.

At this stage, Apple Music offers a six-person family plan for $14.99 as well, while Spotify still has a more expensive family plan that only covers five members. (Spotify is planning to change this, though.)

You can head through the source link below to learn more about the family plan. Do you plan on signing up?

[via Google]

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