Google Glass Enterprise Edition leaks in pictures; features faster internals and improved design

Google Glass Enterprise Edition

Remember the Enterprise Edition Google Glass that the company has been working on since the starting of the year? Well the device has passed through the FCC, which has posted a bunch of its pictures on its website.

As its name suggests, the ‘Enterprise Edition’ Google Glass is meant for enterprises and not for normal consumers. The pictures of the device show that the new Glass looks similar to the Explorer Edition Google Glass, though it can now be folded which was a serious design flaw of its predecessor. The updated design has made the Enterprise Edition Google Glass waterproof and dust-resistant as well. The power button has also been moved to the rear of the device and there is now a light in the front that glows when the camera is being used.

Under the hood, the Explorer Edition Google Glass is a major step up in every way. It now features a faster and power efficient Intel Atom processor, which leads to an improved battery life and less thermal issues. Connectivity has also improved with the device now featuring faster 5GHz Wi-Fi. Additionally, the prism has grown in size, and is now placed on a hinge that can fold thereby providing it protection from bumps and nicks.

If you had not already guessed it, Google will not be selling the Google Glass Enterprise Edition to consumers. The device will only be distributed to the Glass for Work startups and partners for any kind of development. Apparently, many startups have already received their unit of the Google Glass Enterprise Edition, but Google has not made any formal announcement about the product until now.

What do you think about the Google Glass Enterprise Edition? Will you buy one if Google released it to consumers?

[Via 9to5Google]