Nexus 6P rear glass panel is spontaneously cracking for many users

Nexus 6P

A lot of questions have already been raised about the durability of the Nexus 6P after it snapped almost instantly into half in two bend tests video. Now, a handful of owners of the handset have reported that the rear glass visor of the handset has spontaneously cracked for them.

The rear bump on the Nexus 6P, which features the 12.3MP camera, laserAF sensor, and dual-LED flash, is protected by what is apparently Gorilla Glass 3. However, this glass back is reportedly shattering on its own for some Nexus 6P owner out there. The exact cause of the problem is not yet clear, but it looks like the glass cracking is either related to a drastic change in temperature quickly or the metal of the phone expanding/contracting leading to stress fractures.

Nexus 6P rear glass panel cracked

The issue does not seem to be widespread, with only around a combined of 4-5 people on Reddit and Twitter reporting it. However, it is always worrisome when a part of a phone breaks spontaneously. To make matters worse, Google and Huawei are not accepting the problem and fixing it under warranty for the affected users.

The Nexus 4, which also had a glass back, had a similar issue where many owners reported that its glass back cracked spontaneously for them.

Looking at various forums, I don’t think the rear glass panel breaking spontaneously on the Nexus 6P is a widespread issue. To me, it looks like certain phones in a selected batch shipped had a particular defect. What do you think? Did the rear glass panel of your Nexus 6P break spontaneously? If yes, do drop in a comment and let us know.

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