Apps like Spotify, Facebook, Netflix, and many more are Android performance killers

Apps bad for Android system

Apps have become just as important as the smartphones and tablets that they run on, but that doesn’t always mean that they’re actually doing anything other than impacting your device’s performance in a negative way.

As put together through analysis by AVG, and surfaced by LifeHacker, there’s a new PDF that shows which apps climbed the ranks for being the worst offenders when it comes to impact the Android system in one way or another, but all in a negative way. That includes heavy hitters against your device’s battery life, using up the limited built-in storage, or even gobbling up your metered data connection.

As far as the names that show up, it’s apps that you probably expect: Netflix, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, Snapchat and many others. The Weather Channel and Words With Friends are dinged for being apps that activate on their own once your device is started up, and then immediately start running in the background. That might make sense for the Weather Channel, but why Words With Friends would need to do that is questionable.

The full list, which you can find right here, is certainly worth taking a look at even if the majority of the results aren’t too surprising.

As far as fixing the issue, many suggest simply going to the mobile site, like Facebook, instead of using the app, and, by extension, removing the app from your device altogether.

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