An unknown OnePlus handset has been revealed by the FCC

Unknown OnePlus FCC reveal

Later in October, OnePlus has an event planned in India, and up until now there hasn’t been much word on what the company might unveil.

If a newly-discovered handset within the FCC’s gauntlet is any indication, this could be the first look at what the company has planned to unveil. Based on the filing, the device is being called the E1005 and it will feature a 1.9GHz processor under the hood. It has support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and FM radios as well.

As noted by PhoneScoop, the design we can see here in the image included with the FCC filing is quite a bit different from OnePlus’s normal design cues. That includes an off-set camera near the top corner, and rounded edges at the top and bottom.

What do you think of the design?

[via PhoneScoop; FCC]