Runtastic Moment is an analog watch that tracks your fitness


Runtastic, the Adidas-owned company behind a series of fitness and activity apps for Android and other platforms, today announced a new fitness-tracking wearable called Moment, which looks just like a traditional analog watch.

Moment may look basic, but it tracks all the things you would expect from a good fitness tracker, including steps, distance, time active, calories burned, and even sleep patterns. About the only thing that’s missing, then, is a heart rate monitor.

On its face, Moment has the usual minute and hour hands, plus a second dial that shows you your progress each day. It’s available in two sizes with four different watch faces, and with a selection of different straps to suit any style.

Perhaps the best thing about Moment is that, unlike modern smartwatches and activity trackers, it runs on a regular watch battery, and does not require daily or weekly charging. It’s also completely waterproof up to 300 feet.

Moment is very much a competitor to Withings’ Activé and Pop, but it’s available in more styles, and is more affordable. Moment starts at $130 — $20 less than the Pop — for the Fun edition, while the Elite and Classic options are $180.