LG Nexus 5X to go on sale from September 29 for $399

LG Nexus 5 (2015) leak

We have now heard from multiple sources that the LG-made Nexus will be unveiled by Google at an event held on Sept. 29th. Today, thanks to sources of Android Authority, we now have more information about the upcoming Nexus handset from LG.

The source says that the new Nexus handset from LG will go on sale on the same day it is unveiled by Google, i.e. on September 29th through the Google Store. The Huawei Nexus will also go on sale on the same day.

Additionally, the source states that Google will probably call the LG-made Nexus as the Nexus 5X, though the final name of the handset has not been finalised. He also confirmed that the pictures of the handset that leaked last month are legit, and the handset will indeed come with a fingerprint scanner located on the back and a protruding camera module.

Lastly, the source claims that the Nexus 5X will be $50 more expensive than the original Nexus 5. The original Nexus 5 retailed for $349 for the 16GB variant, while the 32GB variant was sold for $399. This means that the 16GB Nexus 5X will be priced at $399, that is if Google plans on offering a 16GB variant of the handset. The handset will be available in three colors: white, black, and light blue.

Information about the Huawei Nexus still remain unknown for now, though the device had leaked in some live pictures last month.

[Via Android Authority]