Lenovo to unveil the second generation Moto 360 on September 8 (Updated)

Moto 360 v2 launch

If a teaser image shared by Lenovo — Motorola’s parent company — is anything to go by, the company will be unveiling the second generation Moto 360 on September 8.

The second generation Moto 360 has leaked plenty of times over the last few weeks. It was only last week that leaked images of the smartwatch confirmed that it will be available in two different sizes, while leaked images from yesterday points to Motorola launching a ‘Sport’ variant of the smartwatch later as well.

The new Moto 360 looks largely the same as its predecessor and only comes with some minor design tweaks. This includes the settings button being moved to 2’o clock position and lugs to easily attach and detach the watch bands.

Will you be buying the new Moto 360 if it came with faster internals and better battery life or will you continue to use your existing smartwatch?

Update: @evleaks has just posted a pic revealing the different color variants that the Moto 360 will be offered in.

[Via Business Insider]