Google to re-enter China with a special version of Google Play and Android Wear

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Google is all set to re-enter China after exiting it in 2010 due to a feud with the Chinese government. The company plans on launching a special version of Google Play Store for the Chinese market as early as this fall. 

The company is also working on making Android Wear available for a plethora of wearable devices that are available in China. The company has made detailed plans and has also partnered with certain Chinese companies to meet its end goal.

As early as this fall, the company hopes to get Chinese government approval to distribute a special China version of its Google Play mobile app store for Android smartphones in the country, said people familiar with the plan.

This new report from The Information matches up perfectly with some previous reports which claimed that Google will be partnering with Huawei not only for the next Nexus, but also take its help in bringing Google Play to the country.

By bringing Google Play to China, Google will be able to open up the store to more than a billion people and millions of Android devices, which in turn should help in boosting the sales of Android apps and games.

It is likely that we will hear about Google’s move of entering into China at its rumored September 29th event where it will be unveiling the new Nexus handsets.

[Via The Information]

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