Google Photos gains support for shared albums, labels, and Chromecast

Google Photos

Google today updated Google Photos to add three new major features to it: shared album, the ability to label people, and casting support.

Shared album will allow multiple people to add photos and videos to a single album that will be synced across their devices. In addition, when new photos are added to the album, users will also be notified about it. Photos added by different users will have their name attribution at the bottom to make it easier for everyone to identify which photo was uploaded by whom. The feature will be rolled out to Google Photos later this year.

The second new feature allows you to label the important people in your photos. These labels will remain private and will also take advantage of Google’s intelligent search algorithm and show relevant photos according to your search term. The feature will be available on Android from this week and will be coming to web and iOS sometime later.

Lastly, the Google Photos app has gained Chromecast support thereby allowing you to cast your photos to your TV easily. It is also possible to search through your library while casting an image to your TV. The Android app will be update this week to gain support for Chromecast.