Google brings visual updates to Search and Now cards

Google GIF

On September 1, Google changed its logo, in hopes that it would better reflect the scope that Google now encompasses.

And now, the company is changing the way you look at certain elements within its Search app, as well as when users interact with Google Now cards. The company has announced a brand new visual language for the new logo, icons and animated dots, which will be present in the aforementioned apps/services.

Within the Search app, Google is making it more in line with the content that people want to see and scroll through, whether that’s links, text, or videos and images, all in a new, visually stimulated format. There’s now more swiping and tapping than ever before, which should make navigation quick and relatively painless.

The Home page is getting updated, too, with the new Google logo (or even a Google doodle) present at the top of the screen and Google Now cards organized by category below that:

On Android, we’ve also updated the “home page” of our Google app (which you can always get to by tapping the new, colorful G icon). On days when there’s a doodle, you’ll find it at the top of the page and Now cards will be organized by category so you can find what you need more predictably. As your day progresses, Now cards shift and change size so that the most important ones stand out.

Google doesn’t actually specifically say when the updated visuals will start rolling out, but by the language within the announcement, it should be soon — if not right now.

[via Google]