How to move apps to SD card on Moto G (2015)


Last week, Motorola unveiled the 3rd generation Moto G in India, Brazil, and other key markets of the world. Compared to its predecessors, the Moto G (2015) packs in improvements in key areas like LTE connectivity, more RAM, a 64-bit processor, and more.

Unlike the last two years, Motorola is selling the Moto G 3rd generation in two different storage variants this year: 8GB and 16GB. Apart from the difference in storage, the 8GB variant also comes with 1GB of RAM. Once you factor in the price difference (~around 20$), it makes almost no sense to go for it, since the lower storage storage space and RAM will both greatly affect day-to-day usability of the handset.

This does not mean that 16GB of storage space is enough though. Install a few apps and some heavy games and you will start running out of space in no time. Thankfully, the inclusion of a microSD card slot means that Moto G3 owners can easily expand the storage space for cheap and easily move apps to the external storage of the device to free up internal storage on the device. Wondering how? Check out the steps below.

Note: It is recommended that you use a fast Class 10 microSD card on your Moto G (3rd gen.) to avoid any performance issues. Also, note that not all apps can be moved to external storage, and some apps even after being moved to external storage will occupy some space on the internal storage of the handset.

Step 1: On your Moto G 3rd generation, head over to Settings -> Apps and swipe over to the ‘On SD card’ tab.


Step 2: Only the apps displayed under this tab can be moved to the external storage of your device.

Step 3: To move an app of your choice to external storage, simply tap on its name and then select the ‘Move to SD Card’ option.


Step 4: Depending on the size of the app, the whole process can take anywhere between a few seconds to minutes to complete. Once the app has moved to the external storage of your Moto G3, it will be denoted by a check mark nears its name in the ‘On SD card’ list.

As mentioned earlier, not all apps can be moved to the external storage and some apps will continue to occupy some space on the internal storage of the handset despite being moved to external storage.

Update: If your handset is running Marshmallow, you can find the updated instructions to move apps to SD card here.