Motorola may have leaked render for new Moto 360 on Twitter

New Moto 360 render

In March of this year, the CEO of Lenovo may or may not have shown what the new Moto 360 would look like when it launched later in the year.

The images the CEO published were quickly removed, adding substance to the rumor that they were, indeed, showcasing the new Moto 360. Now, the official Motorola Twitter account has done sort of the same thing, introducing a video which allegedly showcases a render of the Moto 360 intended to launch in 2015. At first glance the device may look like the current generation wearable, but there are some notable differences.

That includes a slightly altered location for the physical button on the side, which seems to be located at the 2 o’clock spot on the hardware, rather than the 3 o’clock location on the current model. The locking mechanism for the bands seems to be slightly different, too, which could indicate that it will be easier to swap out bands for the smartwatch.

The face of the device appears to be the same, though, with the black flat surface at the bottom of the round display, for better or worse. The render does appear to match what the Lenovo CEO showcased earlier in the year. And, for what it’s worth, Motorola quickly pulled the tweet and corresponding video.

[via Android Central; @Motorola]