Motorola G (2015) gets root and TWRP recovery


It has been less than a week since Motorola unveiled and launched the 3rd generation Moto G in India and other countries of the world, and the device has already been rooted and received a TWRP recovery build for it.

Considering that Motorola offers a web-based boot loader unlock tool for its devices, the Moto G (2015) gaining root access within a few days of its launch should not really come as a surprise though.

Like any Motorola device released in the last couple of years, you will first need to unlock the bootloader of your Moto G (3rd gen.) before you can gain root access on it. Keep in mind that as soon as you request the bootloader unlock key, the warranty of your Moto G3 will be voided. With a build of TWRP also being available for the handset, you will be able to create nandroids, flash custom ROMs and other mods in the future, and more without any issues.

To unlock the boot loader of your Moto G (3rd. gen), follow the steps listed on Motorola’s website.

Download: TWRP for Moto G (2015)