LG to also roll out monthly security updates for its devices

LG G4, premium in almost every way

A couple of days ago, Samsung and Google both announced that they will be releasing monthly updates for their devices to fix security vulnerabilities.

Following on their footsteps, LG has also announced that it will be releasing monthly security updates for its devices.

Major Android OEMs have been forced to take such a step due to the recent ‘stagefright’ security exploit, which affects more than 80 percent of Android devices out there.

Unlike Samsung and Google though, LG has not made any formal announcement regarding this. Instead, the company revealed its decision of rolling out monthly security updates to its devices to Wired.

“LG will be providing security updates on a monthly basis which carriers will then be able to make available to customers immediately. We believe these important steps will demonstrate to LG customers that security is our highest priority,” an LG representative told WIRED today in an email.

What LG and Samsung, however, have failed to mention in their announcement is which devices will be receiving these security updates on a monthly basis. It is unlikely that the companies will be rolling out security updates for all their devices on a monthly basis due to the sheer number of units they sell.

Nonetheless, it is still nice to see LG joining Google and Samsung in keeping at least some of its devices secure.

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