PSA: Inserting S Pen the wrong way into the Galaxy Note 5 will break Pen detection features

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Galaxy Note 5, which went on sale across major markets of the world late last week, comes with an improved S Pen with a spring-loaded design that automatically ejects the Pen when pressed once.

This design improvement allowed Samsung to make the S Pen sit flush with the bottom of the handset thereby giving the Note 5 a more aesthetically pleasing design. However, it looks like the company did not conduct proper testing of the new auto-eject mechanism of the S Pen as there is one vital design flaw with it.

According to early adopters of the Note 5, the S Pen can be inserted into the slot from the opposite (the thicker) end without much force. This leads the Pen to get stuck into the slot and requires a bit (or a lot) of force to be then removed from it. That’s not all though, as doing this will completely damage the S Pen slot on your Note 5 and its Pen detection features will no longer work. You will still be able to insert the S Pen into the slot though.

Check out this video from Android Police to see this ‘feature’ from Samsung in action:

While this is not a mistake that most Galaxy Note 5 users will likely make on a day-to-day usage, it is something that is bound to happen over a period of time.

If anything, this looks like a serious design flaw from Samsung which the company totally did not notice in its testing. It will be interesting to see if Samsung will tweak the design of the S Pen or the Note 5 in production right away to fix this flaw or let things be as it is.

[Via Android Police]