Google to reboot Android One with a sub-$50 handset in India


Google is all set to relaunch its Android One program in India by launching a new sub-$50 handset in the country. The device will be the center of a “massive” investment push from the company that will see it aggressively promote Android One devices in India.

The managing director of Android One in India and Southeast Asia, Rajan Anandan, told the Financial Times that Google continues to remain “very committed” to Android One despite the program not meeting with as much success as the company had hoped for.

“It is like any company when you try to launch a new initiative — we had a few hiccups,” he said.

He further says that the reason behind Android One not doing as per expectations were due to the supply chain issues in China, which created a stock shortage in India. Nonetheless, these setbacks are not going to affect Google as it plans on rebooting the program within “the next few weeks.”

With the reboot, Google will be focusing on smartphones that cost around $50, as Anandan believes that this is the “sweet spot” for mass-adoption of a smartphone in this country.

Google recently launched its second generation Android One smartphone in India: the Lava Pixel V1. The handset comes with faster internals and more RAM compared to its predecessors, but also costs significantly more at $190.

[Via FT]