A BlackBerry Passport with Android Lollipop has been shown off in a new video

BlackBerry Passport with Android

Right now, any fans of BlackBerry that have had to switch to Android for whatever reason have probably been keeping their eyes on the Venice leaks as of late. But there might be another device coming down the pipe from BlackBerry to watch out for.

Based on a video published recently by Dudu Rocha Tec., there’s a BlackBerry Passport out there with Android installed. More to the point, it’s a version of Android 5.0 Lollipop, and it looks to be a stock version of the mobile platform, too. The video shows that features tied to the Passport, including the trackpad on the keyboard, still work with the Android build installed, allowing users to scroll through lists and pages right on the keyboard.

The device is a prototype unit, so there’s no telling whether or not BlackBerry actually has any plans on launching a Passport with Android installed, but with the Venice on the horizon, it’s certainly not impossible.

Check out the video below.

Would you buy a Passport with Android installed?

[via Engadget; Dudu Rocha Tec.]