Sony looking for beta testers for its new ‘Android concept’

image Sony Xperia Z3 unlocked

Sony is working on a new UI for its Xperia devices, and is looking for testers to try out its new take on Android before making it official. 

The company’s announcement states that its “new Android concept” will bring a fresh take on its user experience. The trial program will be available for Xperia Z3 owners in Sweden, and will start from July 27 and run until September 13.

During the trial period, Sony will be collecting usage information and crash reports to further improve the user experience of its software.

Sony notes in its announcement that installing the beta software will wipe your Xperia Z3 clean of all your data. It also says that while users will be able to restore their handset to stock at the end of the trial period, they will again have to format their phone to achieve this.

Sony’s current Xperia UI definitely looks and feels dated and is in a dire need of a major overhaul. It is possible that the company will be trialling its new UI among interested Xperia Z3 owners before making the official debut of the UI on its next flagship, which should be released later this year.

If you live in Sweden and own an Xperia Z3, you can sign up for this trial program from Sony here.

[Via XperiaBlog]