Sony’s ‘Concept for Android’ firmware for Xperia Z3 leaks


Earlier this month, Sony announced that it was looking for beta testers in Sweden for its new ‘Concept for Android’ software. The beta program was only meant for Xperia Z3 owners, who once selected, would be given an option to install Sony’s new take on Android on their handset and play around with it.

If you were bummed out that Sony limited this program to Z3 owners only in Sweden, here is some good news for you. The firmware of Sony’s new Android concept has leaked online and can be easily flashed by any Xperia Z3 owner on their handset.

Impatient Xperia Z3 owners who have already flashed the ROM on their handset have not found it to be that impressive though. According to them, Sony’s new take on Android is basically very close to AOSP, but with some of the company’s apps baked in. More notably though, the ROM lacks some genuinely useful features usually found in Sony’s devices like Stamina mode, Themes support, Display enhancements, Double Tap to Wake and Screen Recording.

It is likely that Sony will further customise its new take on Android and add back some of its proprietary features down the line.

You can download the firmware of Sony’s ‘Concept for Android’ for the Xperia Z3 (D6603) from here.

[Via Xperia Blog]