OnePlus 2 first impressions roundup


The official unveiling of the OnePlus 2 earlier today was followed by many publications posting their initial hands-on impressions of the handset.

Dubbed as the flagship killer of 2015 and even 2016, the OnePlus is filled to the brim with top-notch specs. The phone is not just about its specs though, as OnePlus has focused on delivering a great experience with the handset. So, what do people who got to try out the handset think about it? Below, we roundup all the notable initial impressions of the OnePlus 2 for you to decide if the handset truly is the 2015 flagship killer or not.

The Verge

The publication found the OnePlus “very similar to its predecessor,” though the body material is “significantly nicer this time.” It found the fingerprint scanner to work as advertised with no unnecessary delays.

As for OxygenOS, this is what the site had to say:

By and large, though, OnePlus’ software implementation is graceful and minimalist, with thoughtful additions like the ability to swap between on-screen navigation buttons versus using the capacitive buttons below the screen. OnePlus also included its own camera software, which is fast and minimalist; we’ll have to wait until we get to spend more time with the phone to judge the picture quality.

The biggest gripe the publication has with the OnePlus 2 is the invite system. While the whole process has improved significantly, it is still an additional step that interested consumers will have to take before they can order the handset.

Android Central

The publication found the phone on the heavy side, which its 174g weight correctly suggests. It notes that while the metal mid frame of the OnePlus 2 makes it nicer to hold, it will also be the first place to heat up during heavy gaming or intense usage.

The metal frame to this phone adds a little overall weight, which when combined with the 9.9mm thickness makes the phone appear a little chunky on paper. While it’s true the OnePlus 2 is slightly thicker than the heavyweights announced by the competition this year, it doesn’t feel any more or less unwieldy in the hand than the LG G4. You do notice a bit of heft when picking the phone up, especially if you’re used to something like a Galaxy S6, but this girth and presence adds a sense of durability to the overall feel. The OnePlus 2 just plain feels sturdy, with no flexing or shifting like its predecessor.

The website also praised the alert slider switch on the phone, which it says is the fastest way to quickly jump between the different notification modes of Lollipop.

Notably, in their hands on time, the AC folks did not notice any overheating issues with the handset, which has been a big area of concern with all devices that are being powered by a Snapdragon 810 chipset.

Overall, there’s a lot to like about the look and feel of the OnePlus 2. It’s sturdy, comfortable, and some of us are already looking at our existing daily drivers wishing there was an alert slider. First impressions being what they are, this phone absolutely has our attention.


In his video, Marques Brownlee praises the fingerprint scanner of the OnePlus 2 for being fast and being accurate 90 percent of the time. He notes that the home button on the front is not a physical button, but a capacitive key, and it works even when the device is sleeping, which is handy to wake the device up and unlock it in one step.

He also praises OxygenOS on the OnePlus 2 for offering an experience that is very close to stock Android, and showcases the dark theme present in the OS. You can check out his five impressions of the OnePlus 2 below.

What do you think about the OnePlus 2 based on its specifications and initial hands-on impressions posted above? Drop in a comment below and let us know.