OnePlus 2 does not feature Quick Charging and NFC


On paper, the OnePlus 2 seems like a great handset. The initial hands-on impressions of the handset also seems to be very positive, and there is absolutely little doubt that OnePlus has another winner on their hands.

However, despite being labelled a flagship killer not just for 2015 but also for 2016, the OnePlus 2 has two major flaws. In a bid to ship the phone with a USB Type-C connector, OnePlus had to sacrifice Quick Charging support on the handset.

With a beefy 3,300mAh battery, this means that the OnePlus 2 takes 3+ hours to charge from 0-100. With almost every other device in the market coming with Quick Charge 2.0 support, it makes little sense for OnePlus to sacrifice this feature for a connectivity port that is still not widely adopted. Other flagships like the LG G4 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 would be able to charge themselves twice from 0-100 in the same time.

That’s not all though. The OnePlus 2 lacks NFC as well. The company says that it removed this feature after asking a lot of OnePlus One users, who basically never used this feature. Now, it is true that the majority of Android users out there have probably not even used NFC on their device even once, but it is one feature that almost every Android phone ships with nowadays. Plus, the OnePlus 2 is targeted more towards power users and less towards the masses.

With Android Pay all set to launch later this year, the lack of NFC is going to be a major issue on the OnePlus 2. It basically means that owners of the handset will not be able to use the phone for any kind of mobile payments. It is likely that OnePlus removed NFC support from the OnePlus 2 to save some money on the hardware components. However, the lack of NFC is probably going to end up frustrating a lot of OnePlus 2 owners down the line.