NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet now being upgraded to Android 5.1.1 with optimizations and stability improvements


Earlier on July 31, NVIDIA officially announced that some units of its SHIELD Tablet lineup were being recalled due to a fire hazard with the battery.

However, the company didn’t recall every single SHIELD Tablet unit, and so for those that missed the recall by having the correct device, there’s even better news: A software update is now available as well. With OTA 3.1, NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet owners can download Android 5.1.1 onto their device, and bring with it the optimizations and improvements that NVIDIA outlines via an official forum post:

  • Upgrade Android Operating System to version 5.1.1
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • System wide optimizations and fixes, including audio

It’s a pretty straightforward update, and it doesn’t appear to bring any front-facing changes to the tablet, but for those that like having the latest software on their device, it might be worth installing.

Recently, the SHIELD Portable was updated to Android 5.1, so it’s good to see NVIDIA keeping on tabs with the new software.

Do you have a SHIELD Tablet that was part of the recall?

[via NVIDIA]