Moto X Style ‘Pure Edition’ will cost $399 in the US and work across all carriers, including Verizon


Motorola today announced its flagship handset of 2015 — the Moto X Style. The handset features high-end internals and a great camera making it a true successor to last year’s Moto X.

One critical change that Motorola also announced at the event today, is how it is going to sell phones. The company will not be offering any of the three phones it announced today through carriers. Instead, it will be selling them directly to consumers through Best Buy, Amazon and other retailers.

For the United States market, the company will be selling a ‘Pure Edition’ of the Moto X Style, which will feature universal LTE compatibility. This means that consumers in the United States will be able to buy the Moto X Style from Best Buy or Amazon and then proceed to use the device with any carrier of their liking. This even includes carriers like Verizon and Sprint, whose network has usually been incompatible with unlocked devices in the past.

Despite coming with universal LTE compatibility and high-end specs, the ‘Pure Edition’ Moto X Style is only going to cost $399 in the United States. At this price, the handset easily beats the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the LG G4 in the pricing department, and even gives the OnePlus 2 a run for its money.