How to listen to Beats1 radio on your Android device


Yesterday, Apple launched its much anticipated music streaming service — Apple Music. Apple intends to bring an official Apple Music app to Android later this fall, but until then, Android users have no way of streaming music from the service.

Apple Music also comes with a 24 x 7 live radio station called Beats1. While the station is completely free to use, it is also a part of Apple Music, and since there is no official Apple Music app, Android users cannot listen to the radio station. Or at least that’s what Apple led us to believe.

As discovered by Twitter user @therumbler, it is possible for Android users to listen to Beats1 radio station on their device by simply opening this link in Chrome or any other browser of their choice. In addition to working on all Android 4.1+ devices, the link will also work on Safari on OS X.

Apple may not like this hack and disable the URL from streaming Beats1 radio down the line, but until then, you can listen to the radio station for free on your Android device in a less than ideal way.