10 Things to know about the Moto X Style


While Motorola launched two different variants of the Moto X yesterday, the Moto X Style is the company’s true flagship handset of 2015. 

Despite coming with internals that are similar to other high-end Android flagships out there, the Moto X Style has some unique features, which its spec sheet does not reveal. To make sure that you are aware of all the features of the phone, check out our list of the top 10 things and features of the Moto X Style you need to know below.

10. Bye Bye Super AMOLED


Motorola has traditionally used a Super AMOLED display on its flagship devices since it works well with Moto Display. However on the Moto X Style, the company has used a 5.7-inch Quad HD TFT display.

Samsung is the sole supplier of Super AMOLED displays in the market currently and the company has a tendency of reserving the very best AMOLED displays for itself and only giving out the second best panels it has to other OEMs. Due to this, previous Moto X handsets have always had subpar display compared to their competition. It is likely that Motorola decided to fit a better display on its smartphones this year, which led to it dumping Samsung’s AMOLED screens in favor of a TFT panel with better brightness levels.

9. Moto Display

Moto E 2015 Active Display

Like previous generations Moto X, the Moto X Style also comes with Moto Display. This feature allows the phone’s display to “breathe” from time to time or when it is picked up after a period of inactivity to display any unread notifications. This feature made sense on previous Moto phones with an AMOLED display, since Motorola could get away by lighting up only the required pixels on it thereby preventing any unnecessary battery drain.

With the Moto X Style coming with a TFT display, it is likely that Motorola optimised Moto Display to work as power efficiently on LCD displays as it has on AMOLED displays, so that there is no significant hit to battery life while using this feature.

8. Moto Voice

In 2013, Motorola surprised everyone by including always-on “Ok Google” functionality on the Moto X. Two years later, the feature — dubbed Moto Voice — still remains one of the most highlighted and unique features of its flagship devices. Thus, its no surprise that the Moto X Style comes with this feature as well. And just like on last year’s Moto X, you can also select any wake up phrase of your choice on the Style.

7. Turbo25 Charging

Qualcomm Quick Charge

With the Moto X last year, Motorola introduced Turbo Charging. Using the bundled charger, this feature allowed the Moto X to last for an additional 8 hours with only 15 mins of charging. Since then, almost all the major flagship handset have packed Quick Charging or Fast Charging, which is the same as Turbo Charging.

To one up the competition, Motorola has improved its Turbo Charging implementation on the Moto X Style this year. The company claims that the Moto X Style charges faster than any other device in the market right now, including the Samsung Galaxy S6. It claims that the handset can last for up to 10 hours with only 15 minutes on the charger.

6. Pure Edition

If you head over to Motorola’s website in the US, you will notice that the company does not list the Moto X Style anywhere. Instead, it lists the Moto X Pure Edition, which many might confuse for the last year’s handset.

That’s not the case though as Motorola will be selling the Moto X Style as the Moto X Pure Edition in the US. The company decided to go with the Pure branding because its research suggested that the ‘Pure’ brand works well with customers in this region.

5. Universal LTE compatibility

The Moto X Pure Edition in the US will feature universal LTE compatibility. This means that a single SKU of the handset will work across all the major networks in the United States, including T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. While there are smartphones in the market that are compatible with T-Mobile and AT&T, almost all of them have lacked support for Verizon since it uses CDMA technology.

4. Direct to consumers


The Moto X Pure Edition will not be available for purchase through any carrier in the United States. In fact, none of the handsets that Motorola announced yesterday will be sold via a carrier. Instead, the company will be selling them directly to consumers through retailers like Best Buy, Amazon and even its own online web store.

3. Faster Updates

image Motorola Lollipop

Motorola has always been known for being quick in updating its flagship devices to the very latest version of Android. With its new range of devices though, the company promises to be even faster in updating them to Android M and future versions of Android since it will be selling the devices directly to end consumers. With this approach, the company can completely skip a carrier’s testing and certification program thereby greatly speeding up the software update rollout for a particular device.

2. New camera sensor

Moto X Style specs

The Moto X Style comes with a 21MP rear camera with an F/2.0 aperture. This setup is similar to what Motorola used on the Droid Turbo, which was not really known for its camera performance. However, dig deeper and you will realise that Motorola has revamped almost every aspect of its camera system this time around.

Firstly, the Moto X Style is the first major smartphone to make use of Sony’s new 1/2.3″ IMX230 sensor. While the Style lacks OIS, the bigger sensor should give the handset a level playing field against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the LG G4. Additionally, Motorola has also given its camera processing algorithm a major revamp which should lead to some significant improvements in image quality.

1. Price

Last year, OnePlus took everyone by surprise by releasing a flagship killer that packed similar specs as a high-end Android flagship from Samsung or HTC, but costed less than half of what they cost. This year, the company did something similar with the OnePlus 2.

Jumping on the same bandwagon this year is Motorola, which has priced the base variant of Moto X Style/Pure at a mere $399. At this price, the handset offers an incredible price-to-performance ratio which can only be matched by a handful of other phones available in the market currently.

What do you think about the Moto X Style? Do you think at $399 the handset offers an incredible value for money?