New Cyanogen OS 12 build for OnePlus One fixes the touchscreen issues for good


The Cyanogen team has just started rolling out a new version of Cyanogen OS 12 for the OnePlus One that brings with it a fix for the much-dreaded touchscreen issues of the handset.

The Cyanogen team had included a new touchscreen firmware for the OnePlus One in the CM12/CM12.1 nightlies last month. As reported by thousands of OnePlus One owner, the updated firmware fixed all the issues with the touch screen and greatly improved its performance as well. While the firmware was soon reverted due to a battery drain issue, it was again added back to the nightlies towards the end of last month.

Other changes in the build include fixes and improvements to Bluetooth connectivity with several in-car systems and better MMS compatibility with certain carriers. The update does not bump the Lollipop version to Android 5.1 though.

Cyanogen has not yet started rolling out the OTA update, though the full ROM weighing in at 566MB and carrying the build number YNG1TAS2I3 is already available for download through their website. The ROM needs to be manually sideloaded by OnePlus One owners from recovery mode. While this does not require root access or will touch your data in anyway, it requires the handset to be completely stock. In case you are not comfortable with sideloading the update, you can always wait for Cyanogen to roll out the OTA update.

[Via Android Police]