New OnePlus One touchscreen firmware fixes all the multi-touch issues for good


The OnePlus One was easily among the most popular handsets of 2014, but it also came with its own fair share of issues. The biggest issue surrounding the handset has been its poor touchscreen performance.

Since the launch of the device, OnePlus has released multiple touchscreen controller firmware updates to improve the touchscreen performance. While the updates helped a certain bunch of users, other OnePlus One owners have continued to face the issue.

Earlier this month, OnePlus co-founder and CEO, Carl Pei, had said that the company will once again be releasing a new touchscreen firmware in hopes to fix the poor touchscreen performance once and for all.

This new touchscreen firmware was merged by the CyanogenMod team in the latest CM12.1 (Download) and CM12 nightlies (15/05) builds for the handset earlier today, and if the initial response of OnePlus One users is anything to go by, the new firmware seems to have fixed the poor touchscreen performance issues. Users are reporting that the handset is now able to properly detect multi-touch gestures like pinch-to-zoom without the touchscreen going bonkers.

Cyanogen OS 12 users need to wait for OnePlus to rollout an update for their handset. If patience is not one of your virtues though, you can flash this kernel from franco that includes the touchscreen fix. Do note that installing the kernel will require root access. If your OnePlus One is already rooted, you can use an application called Flashify to install the kernel.