Aria lets you control your Android Wear smartwatch using flicks and gestures


Google just added a couple of handy smartwatch gestures in its latest Android Wear update, but a new add-on called Aria lets you control everything without touching the screen at all.

Aria connects to an existing smartwatch band and measures movement in your wrist to detect even the subtlest of flicks and finger gestures. It lets you access Android Wear’s launcher, scroll through lists, and even select things simply by moving your hand.

Aria not only opens Android Wear up to those with disabilities who may not have been able to use smartwatches with touch input, but it also makes it easy for all users to control their device one-handed while they’re doing other things.

Aria is also compatible with the new Pebble Time, and while it doesn’t work with Apple Watch, there is an iOS SDK, so you could still attach it to Apple’s new wearable and use gestures to control iOS apps on your iPhone — providing iOS developers add them, of course.

Over the next few weeks, Aria will be hitting Kickstarter, and it will be available in two options.

One, which support Pebble Time and connects directly to the device without the need for Bluetooth, is priced at $69; while the Android Wear option, which has its own battery built-in and connects wirelessly, will cost $169.

[via TechCrunch]