T-Mobile stops selling Xperia Z3 only after six months


T-Mobile has stopped selling the Xperia Z3 in the United States just six months after it started selling the handset. Sony is hardly a known brand in the U.S. smartphone market and sells only selected devices through carriers in the country. 

The Magenta carrier has not yet revealed the exact reason as to why it has stopped selling Sony’s current flagship Xperia handset. Strangely though, it continues to offer pre-owned units of the Xperia Z and Z1S to customers.

It is entirely possible that the carrier stopped selling the handset because of low demand. Xperia Z3 was easily among the most impressive flagship Android devices that was launched in the second half of 2014. However, Sony has been slow in updating the handset to Android 5.0 and only recently started its worldwide rollout, which can be a reason as to why the handset is not that popular among customers.

If recent leaks are to be believed, the Japanese company is also on the verge of launching the Xperia Z4. The handset will continue to make use of Sony’s renowned OmniBalance design, and will be retaining its IP67 rating despite ditching the flaps on the microUSB port.

[Via The Verge]