Samsung brings S Health app to Google Play


Samsung’s S Health application for Android is available from Google Play for the first time. The release makes it easier for Samsung to bring updates and improvements to its users in a timely manner.

Many hardware makers have begun releasing their apps through Google Play, including HTC, which offers everything from BlinkFeed to its built-in Gallery app. But this is the first time Samsung has used Google’s store in favor of its own.

This doesn’t mean S Health is now available to all Android users, however — it’s still a Samsung exclusive. But it does mean that when big updates to the app are ready to rollout to users, Samsung can release them instantly — without having to bake them into firmware updates.

It also means that those using older versions of S Health can now update to the latest version, which is pre-installed on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

S Health helps you keep fit by acting as your personal fitness coach. It tracks your daily activities and lets you set goals to reach new milestones, with handy charts for viewing your progress, and helpful tips.

S Health also takes advantage of the heart rate monitors and blood oxygen sensors built into recent Galaxy smartphones, and even helps you count calories. To download the latest version on your Samsung device, just follow the link below.

Download link:

[via AndroidCentral]