OnePlus One getting an updated Cyanogen OS 12 build with ‘Ok OnePlus’ feature


OnePlus has once again started rolling out the Cyanogen OS 12 update for the OnePlus One. The company had stopped the rollout late last week because of numerous bugs being present in the initial build that they rolled out.

The updated build of Cyanogen OS 12 carries the build number YNG1TAS17L, and includes a lot of bug-fixes including one for the high battery drain that many users were experiencing on the first build. In addition, the new build also adds an “Ok OnePlus” feature to the phone — a Moto X like hotword detection feature that works even from sleep.

Don’t get too excited about the Voice Wake Up feature though as initial reports suggest it hardly works properly. Looking at how OnePlus have failed in executing some of their plans and features in the past before, this should not really come as a surprise.

If you are already running the previous build of Cyanogen OS 12 on your OnePlus One, you can sideload the latest update manually by downloading its ZIP file from here. Otherwise, you can always wait for OnePlus to push the OTA update to your handset.

[Via OnePlus]