OnePlus One Cyanogen OS 12 update paused to add ‘Ok OnePlus’ feature’


OnePlus CEO and co-founder, Carl Pei, today took to Twitter to announce that the Cyanogen OS 12 update for the OnePlus One has been paused to add a new “Ok OnePlus” feature.

The company will resume the rollout from the middle of this week with this new feature. OnePlus had promised that the OnePlus One would come with hotword detection even from sleep — like the Moto X — when it launched the handset last year. The feature was present in the initial firmware of the handset, but was removed soon after as it did not work properly.

Nearly a year later, the company is finally adding the feature back to the handset, though stopping the already delayed Cyanogen OS 12 update might not be appreciated by One owners out there. It is likely that OnePlus and Cyanogen are taking this opportunity to fix other bugs present in the existing Cyanogen OS 12 firmware for the One as well.

Carl says that impatient One users can sideload the update manually, if they cannot wait for the OTA update to resume.

OnePlus and Cyanogen will probably rollout a supplementary Cyanogen OS 12 update with the new “Ok OnePlus” feature baked in for One owners who have already updated their handset to the previous build of the OS.