Moto 360 priced dropped to $165 on the Google Play Store


One of the best Android Wear running smartwatch — the Moto 360 — has received a hefty price cut from Google and Motorola. The watch, which was available for $249, is now available for purchase through the Google Play Store in the United States for $165. 

The new price is only for the leather clad black and stone bands variant of the watch though.

The smartwatch was being offered by Amazon and Best Buy for $180 last week, but Google’s deal easily beats them all. It is likely that Motorola and Google had reduced the price of the Moto 360 because of the imminent announcement of its successor, and in part because of the launch of the Apple Watch.

Whatever the case might be, if you have been lusting to buy the Moto 360 for so long, now is a very good time to buy the watch.

Google Play: Moto 360