Google testing dedicated teleconferencing app called GMeet


Google appears to be working on a brand new app dedicated to teleconferencing. Called GMeet, the service looks to simplify the remote meeting experience for conference call organizers and attendees.

GMeet was first discovered by Florian Kiersch, who published screenshots on Google+. In addition to mobile apps, it seems the service will also be available as a Chrome extension, allowing users to log into conference calls on their computers when they’re in the office.

Unlike other teleconferencing services, GMeet appears to offer one-click logins, so as long as you have been invited to a call, you won’t need to dial in or enter a code. The service also offers the ability for guests to join a call, though presumably there will be an option to disable guest access if necessary.


GMeet is likely based on Google’s existing Hangouts technology, but tailored to teleconferencing and enterprise customers, rather than casual use. According to GMeet strings from as far back as 2011 that were discovered by Phandroidthe service could borrow a number of Hangouts features, such as screen sharing and virtual whiteboards.

GMeet is in testing for now, and only available to Google employees. But based on these polished screenshots, it certainly seems as though a public release is part of Google’s plans.

[via 9to5Google]