Motorola giving a free Moto E to buyers of a Moto X Pure Edition until March 24

Moto E 2nd gen

The Moto X (2nd Gen.) is certainly a noteworthy flagship from Motorola, and now the company is running a limited-time promotion to stoke the fire of a potential buyer’s interest.

The promotion is currently locked to the United States, and it will run until March 24. It entails the gifting of a second-generation Moto E, which has a value of $119.99 according to Motorola, when a customer buys a Moto X Pure Edition off-contract (the carrier variants are not available). After selecting the device you want, and customizing it through Moto Maker, just go through the checkout process.

Once there, you’ll see the Moto E, in either black or white, down below that can be added to the cart at no additional charge.

Do you plan on picking up this deal?

[via Motorola]