Lenovo CEO shows what could be the new Moto 360

image Moto 360 new

The Moto 360 was launched last year, and if a new image that was shared by the Lenovo CEO is any indicator, there might be a new wearable right around the corner.

According to a report, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing recently published a few photos to his personal Weibo account, which show new watch casings, bands, straps and even whole smartwatches. It’s clear from the images that these aren’t just random Moto 360s out and about, because the lugs (the parts that connect the bands to the watch itself) are exposed. These parts are hidden on the current Moto 360.

image Moto 360 new2

Without much surprise, Yuanqing deleted the post on his account soon after it went live.

Speculation is already running rampant that this could be a new Moto 360. Lenovo owns Motorola now, and it’s about time for the Moto 360 to see its successor get unveiled, so it’s certainly possible.

What do you think?

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