HTC One M9’s surface temp rises to 131 degrees Fahrenheit when running GFXBench

HTC One M9 GFXBench overheating

Way back in January, a report surfaced that said Samsung would be using its own chipset in the Galaxy S6 due to overheating issues with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor.

While LG was quick to shoot down that report, a Dutch site, Tweakers, has put the One M9 through a benchmark, the GFXBench benchmark to be specific, and showed that the One M9 could actually suffer from some overheating issues. Specifically, when running the benchmark. The site included an image that shows the One M9 lined up with several other flagships all running GFXBench at the same time, and it’s quite clear that the One M9 does run hot.

Just over 55 degrees Celsius, or 133 degrees Fahrenheit.

The site notes that while playing games, the One M9’s temperature runs “around 42.5 degrees,” which, while much lower than the aforementioned temperature, is still a bit higher than the average of the other devices, which runs about 38 degrees. The device’s temperature shooting up shows that the processor does indeed run hot, but it’s no secret that smartphones run hot when they’re running benchmark tests. The fact that the original report notes that the highest temperatures are only reached when running the benchmark, and not when just doing normal, every day things is probably one reason why most consumers won’t pay any attention to a score, or heat readings, like that.

Now, if the One M9 ran that hot while playing Crossy Road or Trivia Crack, that would be something else entirely.

U.S.-based news for the One M9 is supposed to show up on March 18.

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